5 Pool Deck Resurfacing Options You Need This Summer

On September 24, 2022

The summer is a great time to enjoy quality time with family and friends. As a pool owner, you know that connecting by the pool is a great way to enjoy some fun in the sun with those you love. If you’ve been looking for an option to keep your pool deck looking fresh for the fun of the summer, read on – we’ve got 5 options for resurfacing your pool deck for this summer’s pool season.

5 Resurfacing Options for Your Pool Deck

Here are 5 options to resurface your pool deck in time for the hot summer months:

Epoxy Pebble Finish

A great-looking option for your pool deck is an epoxy pebble finish, which entails mixing decorative pebbles with epoxy to create a smooth, glossy look that is still natural. With this option, you are able to select unique color combinations that go well with your pool’s decor or home’s aesthetic.

Concrete Paint

A cheaper option is to paint the concrete around your pool with concrete pool deck paint. This is a great option for a quick fix but requires more maintenance than other resurfacing options. Typically, this requires repainting every year.

Stain It

If you’re looking to go for a different color for your pool deck, you can also look to stain your concrete. If you utilize acid etching, you can color your pool deck in a long-lasting way. There are other methods to stain your concrete, but acid etching is a great method to ensure your concrete will become and stay a different color for a long time. You’ll want to ensure your pool deck is in good shape for this option, as it does not solve any issues with cracks or chips in the concrete.

Stamped Overlay

A stamped concrete overlay is another great way to resurface your pool deck. This allows you to fix the aesthetics of any damaged concrete while creating a beautiful new look. This method entails a layer of concrete being poured over your existing concrete with stamp shapes to your liking. This option is pricier than some others, but still much cheaper than completely repouring your entire pool deck.

Rubber Coating

Have you ever seen the rubber coatings on playground surfaces that are meant to keep kids safe? That same type of rubber coating can be installed around your pool. This might be especially appealing to those with small children, who could injure themselves on your pool deck.

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