5 Signs Your Garage Floor Needs Resurfacing

On January 13, 2022

Your garage is an integral area of your home where you can store your car, gym equipment, or anything else you can think of – perhaps even a man cave.

Regardless of what you have in your garage, you want to keep your garage floor in good condition. Not only for the functionality and aesthetic of your home but also for its resale value.

Over time your garage floor will age and start to crack and break down. To prevent normal wear and tear from turning into severe damage, you will want to resurface your garage floor. But how do you know when your garage floor will need to get resurfaced? Fortunately, here are five signs that your garage will need to get resurfaced.

5 Signs Your Garage Floor Needs Resurfacing

There Are Visible Signs of Cracking

Garage floor coatings are designed to expand and contract so the material can adapt to shifting temperatures. Unfortunately, the elasticity of the coating material will begin to break down over time, thus forming cracks in the surface. When dust, dirt, or moisture enter these cracks, your garage coating will rapidly break down and weaken.

There Is Chipping or Uneven Surfaces

If you notice that your garage floor might be uneven or constantly chipping apart, it is time to resurface your garage floor. Wear and tear are normal for any garage. However, you want to act quickly when the damage goes beyond normal wear and tear.

The Surface Coating Is Peeling

Peeling is a sign of poor installation. Under no circumstances should your garage floor experience any peeling or bubbling. When improperly surfaced, garage floor coatings will get air trapped underneath the material, and the result is peeling. If this occurs with your garage surface, you will need to resurface it.

You See Standing Water Often

If you notice your floor is damp or often filled with standing puddles of water, it usually means one of the following. Either vapor is making its way up through the floor below, or your concrete coating is improperly sealed. Vapor issues are fixable with a vapor barrier. However, if your floor’s coating is insufficient, you will need to have it resurfaced.

There Are Signs of Discoloration

There are many different coating styles and colors to choose from. However, if your floor’s color isn’t the same as when you installed it, you may have a problem. If the color of your floors has changed, it could have happened due to excess moisture or faulty installation. Either way, if you notice discoloration, it is probably time to have your garage floor resurfaced.

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