A Metallic Epoxy Floor Can be a Very Unique Look for Your Home

On August 14, 2022

A metallic epoxy floor elevates the look of everything from your garage floor to a warehouse floor. It can also make an eye-catching statement for a modern home or a showroom. There is something for every taste with a wide range of metallic colors available.

What Is Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy floor coatings are highly durable alternatives to floor paint. They protect and waterproof your floors in a highly customizable manner. You can opt for a transparent epoxy layer that allows the natural surface to show through or create something special with various additives.

Metallic epoxy contains powders or colorants that give them a lovely sheen. You can customize further with your choice of topcoat by choosing from a high gloss, satin, and matte finish.

The Benefits of Using a Metallic Sealant

There are several benefits to using metallic epoxy coating systems.


A metallic epoxy floor won’t wrinkle, warp, crack, or peel with age. It’s a tough surface that is ideal for high-traffic areas and resists scuffing, chipping, and scratching. It will also shrug off liquids and most chemicals, making it excellent for any home, garage, or workshop.


The most common reason people opt for this finish is that it mesmerizes. The sheen changes as the light shifts in the room, creating a dynamic effect. It looks modern and sleek while adding instant style to any space.


The mica powders and colorants combine in unique ways that make each metallic epoxy floor different. While the shades match, the way the light catches the mica powder and its tiny patterns create a stunning effect.

In addition, our artists can manipulate the pigments to create 3D effects that are masterpieces in themselves. If you want to make an impression, there are few methods that can match it. Each floor is a bespoke piece that offers almost endless variety.


We’re so confident in the flooring products that we provide a 20-year warranty. Depending on traffic and care, this can extend to several decades. With proper installation, your flooring won’t crack, peel, or turn brittle for many years.


Epoxy on its own can be slippery if it gets wet, but we add an aggregate to improve traction. In high-traffic areas, this translates into better safety than tiling and concrete floors typically offer.

Why Choose Epoxy Power by BMI?

We are your premier, local, family-owned and operated contractor. We have more than 15 years of industry experience installing epoxy flooring in all types of environments. Whether you need a stunning statement piece for your living space or a workable surface for an industrial setting, we’ve got you and your floors covered.

Each member of our team commits to service excellence and prioritizes your satisfaction. Our technicians take great pride in creating unique pieces that delight you and your visitors. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients.

Your complete satisfaction is one of our most vital business assets. Our work speaks for itself, but your endorsement of our services ensures that we have a consistent supply of referrals. We prize these as word-of-mouth recommendations that helped us build the successful business we have today.

Our Process

With this type of flooring, the installation method makes or breaks the project. We’ve seen cowboy contractors play fast and loose by cutting corners and their customers paying the price. Poorly laid epoxy will bubble and peel because of poor adhesion.

We ensure this doesn’t happen by carefully preparing the floor each time. We can confidently offer our 20-year warranty because we know you won’t need to collect on it.

We’ve honed our process over the course of 15 years. Our steps include:

  • Grinding down the existing concrete surface to remove the dirty top layer and roughen the surface
  • Filling in cracks and other minor imperfections to create an even surface
  • Thoroughly cleaning the dust and debris to ensure complete adhesion
  • Carefully laying the polyurea base to create a solid foundation
  • Adding your choice of flakes, pigments, and mica to create your chosen effect
  • Allowing the polyurea to harden and smooth the surface
  • Pouring the topcoat to protect the finish

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