Benefits Of Commercial Floor Coatings

On February 7, 2022

If you’re looking for a long-lasting and cost-efficient way to protect your commercial investments, commercial coatings for the floors of your garage, parking lot, and reception areas are right up your alley. Commercial structures suffer from heavy foot traffic. Without adequate protection, floors in various customer-facing areas will look faded, old, and cracked, creating a poor impression on potential clients and business partners.

Commercial floor coatings are essential for every business owner who is mindful of property values, employee safety, and lowering the cost of maintenance.

What Are Commercial Floor Coatings?

At Epoxy Power, we receive hundreds of questions from commercial customers about the right kind of coating to use on their showrooms, loading bays, and drive-throughs, and our answer is always the same. Epoxy coatings offer the best price-to-performance ratio of any concrete protection method, and we’re proud to be their leading provider in all our service areas around California.

Epoxy floor coatings are self-priming, so you won’t need to pay for adhesives or other substances to ensure 100% surface coverage. You can enhance them with UV-resistant additives for areas that face direct sunlight, such as pool decks and outdoor dining spaces.

Epoxy coatings provide you with a broad range of modifications and enhancements, including anti-slip additives, decorative vinyl chips, and different color patterns to create divisions on large factory floors and in garages.

Why Get Commercial Coatings for Your Floors?

Thousands of food and beverage plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and data centers across California use epoxy hardeners to shield their floors from damage. They offer a wide variety of benefits from a utility and aesthetic standpoint. If you’re wondering how a new epoxy coating can help you run your business more efficiently, below are four of the best reasons sourced directly from customers.

Concrete Durability

Concrete floors with an epoxy coating can last decades longer than those with no protective layer, especially inside commercial structures where heavy and continuous foot and vehicle traffic is the norm. Epoxy functions as a sealant, protecting the concrete sublayer from moisture, scratches, dents, and impact damage.

When our technicians apply an epoxy layer to concrete, they create a chemical bond that’s both curative and protective. They will smooth out your floors with diamond blasters to ensure no cracks and dents are present, then apply an epoxy hardener, making sure they stay that way, no matter how many heavy items your workers drop or drag.

Epoxy Commercial Coatings Are Easy to Install

Epoxy coatings are the least labor-intensive and time-consuming of all commercial floor protectants as far as installation is concerned. Our professionals use epoxy coats with 100% solids that can dry and cure in as fast as 12 hours. You can resume commercial operations with heavy equipment like forklifts, delivery vans, and trucks within 36 to 72 hours.

Epoxy coatings are so easy to work with that residents and business owners sometimes attempt to coat their floors DIY-style. As professionals, it’s our job to remind the public that epoxy often contains volatile substances that dissipate into the air. Our experts use masks and protective clothing even on open-air job sites and powerful exhaust fans to ensure proper ventilation for indoor jobs.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Epoxy commercial coatings are highly resistant to chemicals, oils, and acidic liquids, making them a favorite among showroom and garage owners who contend with leaky vehicles every day. They’re also the number one choice for commercial loading bays and drive-throughs as they make floors less susceptible to tire marks and discoloration from pollutants.

Concrete is naturally porous, and it absorbs nearly every substance that people throw at it. It is a common target for vandals and many forms of fungi, which can grow in its pores under warm and moist conditions. An epoxy coating eliminates these pores and creates a surface that air and liquids cannot penetrate, reducing maintenance costs while keeping your commercial structure clean and presentable.

A Commercial Coating Keeps Your Employees and Customers Safe

Many epoxy coatings have additives that help business owners create a safe working environment for their employees and a place for their customers to enjoy without worrying about slipping.

Anti-slip additives are a favorite among pool owners, restaurateurs, and convenience store managers who have to contend with spills and wet surfaces daily. Anti-impact, heat-resistant, and fireproof additives are also highly sought after by the hundreds of commercial customers we serve every year.

Call Us for More Information About Commercial Coatings

Commercial coatings keep foot and vehicle traffic from ruining your commercial investments. If you need more convincing, contact one of our experts at Epoxy Power today by dialing (818) 835-8000. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote at the end of our consultation.

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