Pool Deck Coatings: Get Your Dream Deck with Our Coatings

On May 5, 2023

Do you feel less than pleased with the state of your swimming area? A drab, gray concrete slab isn’t exactly what people have in mind when they imagine a gorgeous entertainment and relaxation area. But you could change all that to become the envy of your neighbors with one simple upgrade: quality pool deck coatings!

Whether you’re going for subtle or vibrant, classic or en vogue, a team like Epoxy Power by BMI can help you fashion the perfect look for your outdoor oasis. Learn more about these tailor-fit solutions below to see whether they might be worth your time.

A Crash Course on Coatings

Before diving into the design aspect, let’s explore the coating options. Too many clients don’t go beyond thinking about a paint job when deck coatings offer so much more value. While regular acrylic or latex products may suffice if you’re looking for a cheap makeover, they won’t last long in a pool environment.

The property does far better with something that easily withstands the following:

  • Chlorine and other chemicals
  • Extensive UV exposure
  • Heavy foot traffic
  • Extreme temperatures

Coatings contain a blend of resins and polymers that bind beautifully with concrete surfaces. What’s the result? An extremely strong barrier that maintains its integrity for many seasons of swimming and fun.

Explore the Limitless Design Possibilities

Do you want inspiration for your new pool deck area? Check out some popular options below.

Solid Color Polyurea for Balance and Poise

Monochromatic surfaces make a great choice for an understated look. It brings a sense of balance to a heavily furnished area, such as an exotic pool cabana. When done correctly, you can even use a single color to highlight nearby features, such as:

  • Flagstones
  • Rock formations
  • Shrubbery
  • Unique decorative elements

Solid Color Epoxy for Even More Affordability

Epoxy is a cheaper material compared to polyurea, though we generally advise against using this product on pool decks. These areas tend to see a lot of suns, and in most cases, prolonged exposure will warp and yellow the epoxy layer over time. If you go with this route, invest in a UV-protective top coat to aid the surface’s longevity.

Chip Systems for Beauty and Style

Who doesn’t love the timeless beauty of an exquisite terrazzo floor? A chip system will expertly replicate this elegant look using smaller pieces of quartz or glass “flakes” inside the coating. A team like Epoxy Power by BMI can also customize your mix for just the right colors and aggregate size.

Recommended styles include the following:

  • Red Baja Beige
  • Dolphin Slate Gray
  • Jade Black
  • Green White
  • Cookie Cottonwood

Minimalist Metallics That Reflect Exquisite Taste

Why not make a statement with chic metallic pool deck coatings? This multi-dimensional option creates a bold 3D effect that really stands out in a sunny area. It also seamlessly blends with other outdoor elements, like patio furniture, plants, and sculptures.

Popular hues include the following:

  • Curacao
  • Artic Pearl
  • Pier
  • Black Olive

“Marbleized” Finishes For a Grand Milieu

Natural marble remains one of the grandest and most elegant flooring materials. But you can have the same luxurious look for your deck! High-quality coatings provide sheen and depth that will rival the beauty of the real thing without the hefty price tag.

Unlike raw stone, which has a limited color selection and extreme care requirements, these finishes come in an almost infinite range, including these go-to shades:

  • Lime Beige
  • Silver Tuxedo
  • Earth
  • Light Rose

Superior Concrete Pool Deck Coatings in Los Angeles

Now you see why so many homeowners opt for coatings. However, these services don’t just boost visual appeal.

Minimize Nasty Accidents

Raw concrete easily becomes a slipping hazard when wet. So, when you have children (or rowdy adults) running around, it’s only a matter of time before someone takes a tumble. The best solution is anti-skid textures added to your coating to significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Prevent Damage

Concrete is resilient but not immune to damage. Being proactive will avoid issues such as:

  • Plant roots reaching the foundation and dislodging the deck
  • Structural weaknesses from winter freezes and summer heat
  • Compacting soil causes a cracked, uneven surface and more

If you look at the bigger picture, you can save money by coating a deck to help it last longer without extra upkeep. Plus, you can relish the knowledge that your space is safer. Companies like Epoxy Power by BMI even offer Californian property owners a two-decade warranty on our workmanship.

Streamline Maintenance

Bare concrete contains small crevices that harbor dust and grime. It’s also more susceptible to mildew and moss growth due to its porous nature. Coatings solve the problem.

You only need to give your new surface a few passes with a garden hose—no hard labor is required!

Make Your Leisure Time More Comfortable

The afternoon sun can quickly turn your deck into a scorching surface to dampen your outdoor fun. Thankfully, coatings have superior insulation properties (up to 15°F cooler than bare concrete!). You won’t ever have to worry about stepping on a blazing hot poolside surface.

Are You Ready to Jumpstart Your Renovation?

Deck coatings are easy to apply with the right experience and technical know-how. That’s the best way to achieve professional-looking concrete resurfacing. And we have everything you need.

Give Epoxy Power by BMI a call at (818) 835-8000 today for a free quote on your pool deck coatings and many other options!

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