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On March 3, 2023

Whenever residents and business owners want high-quality and cost-efficient pool deck coatings in Los Angeles, they contact our licensed technicians at Epoxy Power by BMI. We are the number-one family-owned provider of indoor and outdoor protective coatings for custom cabinetry, pool decks, and patios in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Our technicians earn hundreds of five-star reviews from a growing list of satisfied customers in cities like Santa Clarita, Sherman Oaks, and Calabasas, and we would love for yours to be our latest.

Whether you want to make your existing pool decks cooler or create a textured surface with anti-slip safeguards, we are the business to call. Our team has decades of combined experience working on every kind of pool deck surface in Los Angeles, making them safer for pets, children, and guests. Contact our team today, and learn how pool deck coatings can help preserve the value of your structural investments.

What Is a Pool Deck Coating, and Why Should You Install One?

Pool deck coatings prolong the life of your wooden, concrete, and tile decks by preventing them from looking worn out. Most contractors make pool decks from porous substrates with billions of tiny holes that water, mold, and animal droppings can penetrate and destroy. Years of direct sun exposure can also cause them to discolor and become brittle, causing thousands of dollars in remodeling costs for clients who buy second-hand homes.

A coating from our team at Epoxy Power by BMI can shield your pool deck surface from moisture penetration, impact damage, chemical spills, and adverse weather. It also provides an additional layer of comfort. Many clients find us by looking up terms like “cool pool deck coating bare feet,” as they often find their decks are too hot to walk on during summer.

Many pool decks are public-facing front or backyard structures and have a profound impact on your curb appeal. Worn-down pool decks might cause your property value to drop and affect the entire neighborhood.

The Benefits of Installing Pool Deck Coatings in Los Angeles

Whether you want to update the aesthetics of your pool deck or make it last through more adverse weather events, pool deck coatings can serve you well. Our technicians can revitalize your pool area by installing durable vinyl flakes with an expansive range of chipping effects, colors, and textures.

Here are a few structural benefits of pool deck coatings:

  • Resinous and urethane-based coatings prevent water from seeping through concrete and compacting the soil under your deck, which leads to cracks, puddles, and surface unevenness.
  • Pool deck coatings prevent plant, grass, and tree roots from germinating under your pool area and damaging your water lines and foundations.
  • They mitigate weather-related damage, such as winter frost and direct sun exposure during summers, which could compromise the integrity of your deck materials.
  • They prolong the brand-new look of your deck by preventing scuffs, dents, and abrasions from carts, chairs, and pool cleaning materials.

Pool deck coatings can make maintenance more efficient as they deflect stains from food, rust, and work boots. Residents and business owners love how much time they can cut from their cleaning schedules with a brand-new protectant. We use the same substances to protect warehouses, hangars, and factory floors from the effects of heavy foot and vehicle traffic, saving their owners thousands of dollars in maintenance expenses.

Which Pool Deck Coating Works Best?

At Epoxy Power by BMI, we offer customers various pool deck coatings that suit their design goals, budgets, and schedule restrictions. We can install protectants that can cure in less than 24 hours and ones that require at least a week without contact with moisture. Our design team can use computer-aided visualization programs that help you imagine what your pool deck will look like once the new coating dries.

Here are some coatings we offer to residential and commercial clients.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are perfect for budget-conscious customers working on a home improvement project. They have nearly half the price tag of polyurea and polyaspartic coatings while offering the same protection against heat and chemical damage. We can also combine them with various paints and dyes, considerably expanding your design options.

Epoxy coatings can last for decades with little to no maintenance. However, they require long curing and prep times. They also leave a high-gloss finish, which invites a lot of glare.

Epoxy is not UV-stable and will fade or yellow after a few years of direct sun exposure. As such, we recommend epoxy coatings to customers who are operating on tight budgets, own indoor pool decks or are okay with reapplying protectants every few years.

Polyaspartic and Polyurea

Manufacturers make polyaspartic and polyurea by adding partially blocked amines with isocyanates, producing solvent-borne esters that can cure in less than five days. These protectants require a higher upfront investment when compared to epoxy coatings, but they feature numerous highly sought-after benefits, such as:

  • Polyaspartic and polyurea coatings offer as many design options as epoxy.
  • They can make your deck cooler by up to 15 degrees by deflecting heat from the sun.
  • They are 100% UV-stable and will never fade or discolor under direct sunlight.
  • They are naturally slip-resistant, helping you and your guests avoid accidental falls.
  • They are four times more durable than epoxy coatings.

Learn More About Pool Deck Coatings in Los Angeles

Call our Epoxy Power by BMI team at (818) 835-8000 and learn which pool deck coatings are best for you and get a free consultation!

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