The Coolest Pool Deck: 5 Cool Deck Facts

On December 9, 2022

A scorching hot pool deck makes it difficult to make the most of your outdoor space, and this is especially true for families with young kids and pets. When property owners think about redoing or installing pool decks, having a cool deck is often a common concern.

Even if you don’t experience typically hot summers, who wouldn’t want a pool deck that they can walk on comfortably with bare feet? If you want to make your existing pool deck cooler, you don’t have to rip everything out and install a new one from scratch.

Pool deck coatings can help you achieve a cool deck. These coatings provide a less intrusive and cheaper way to make existing pool decks more comfortable to walk on. Keep reading to learn five cool deck facts.

Factors That Affect the Temperature of Pool Deck Surfaces

Several factors affect the temperature of your concrete surface:


Some materials absorb more heat than others. For example, acrylic doesn’t absorb as much heat as dark stone or gray concrete.

An acrylic coating seals the surface of your concrete deck, filling the tiny holes and gaps in your cement floor and preventing the solid concrete material from absorbing heat.

Cool deck coatings are a great choice around pools because they:

  • Keep the surface cool in the summer heat
  • Transform the look of your pool
  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Aren’t slippery when wet


When choosing a color for your pool deck coating, remember that lighter colors retain less heat than darker colors. A white pool deck will prevent a heat build-up and remain cooler than a dark blue pool deck. At Epoxy Power by BMI, we have pool deck coatings in various styles and colors.

Our team can help you choose pool deck coatings to keep your deck cool.


A pool deck in an exposed area will be hotter than one in a shaded area. But if you want to enjoy life outdoors, you want your pool exposed to the sun.

The Surface Texture

A smooth pool deck is hotter than a textured one. Texture makes the surface feel cooler because your bare feet are exposed to less surface area when you walk on it. Besides keeping your deck cool, a textured surface provides traction, preventing accidental slips and falls.

Compared to a seamless concrete pool deck, a textured finish reduces heat absorption by more than 50%. Textured acrylic coatings are among the coolest pool deck surfaces out there.

What About Pool Deck Paint?

When looking to redo your pool deck, you may have come across information about painting your pool deck to make it cooler. These “paints” are actually pool deck coatings that come as spray-allied overlays available in light colors to reflect the sun’s heat rays.

These coatings also have a textured surface that provides air pockets to help keep the surface cooler underfoot. When the Las Vegas summer makes your pool deck uncomfortably hot, a spray texture overlay in a light color will help it stay cool.

How Much Do Pool Deck Coatings Cost?

If you’ve decided to invest in a pool deck coating, you might wonder how much it costs. The cost of the project depends on the following:

  • Product Choice: Different materials have different prices.
  • The condition of your existing pool deck: A surface that needs extensive repairs will cost more than one in reasonably good shape.
  • Desired design: Intricate details and/or multiple colors will cost more than a standard once-color installation.
  • Location: Materials vary in cost from one place to another.

We have an affordable selection of pool deck coatings and resurfacing products. Contact our seasoned experts to assess the condition of your pool deck and provide an accurate quote.

Pool Deck Coatings in Los Angeles

Pool deck coating and resurfacing require professional training and expertise. We recommend hiring experienced flooring contractors with the proper training, tools, and equipment to do the job right. Consider hiring a local contractor, as they’ll be familiar with the effects of weather on product installation.

If you’re ready for new pool deck coatings or your concrete pool deck needs resurfacing, look no further than Epoxy Power by BMI. We’re a family-owned and operated company with over 15 years in the business.

Make your deck cooler and add color and texture to it with high-quality pool deck coatings from Epoxy Power by BMI. We specialize in polyaspartic coatings with a polyurea base. Call (818) 835-8000 to request a free quote.

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