Why You Shouldn’t Use Epoxy Floor Coatings For Your Patio

On June 6, 2022

When it comes to patio floor coatings, epoxy is not the best option. Though it may be a common choice, there are several reasons why you should avoid using epoxy. Epoxy coatings have a long curing time, they do not adhere well to most surfaces, they fade quickly, and they are less flexible than other options. If you are looking for a better patio floor coating, consider polyurea or polyaspartic coatings.


Long Curing Time

The first reason you shouldn’t use epoxy floor coatings for your patio is that they have a long curing time. Depending on the temperature and humidity, it can take up to 24 hours for the epoxy to cure. That means that you’ll have to wait a full day before you can use your patio after applying the coating.

Inadequate Adhering

Another reason to avoid using epoxy floor coatings is that they don’t adhere well to most surfaces. Epoxy is known for not being very strong, so it doesn’t stick to surfaces as well as other types of coatings. This can be a problem if you have any cracks or unevenness in your patio surface.

Quick To Fade

Epoxy floor coatings are also quick to fade. However, they are susceptible to UV damage, so they will start to discolor and fade after just a few months in the sun. If you want a coating that will last, you’ll need to choose something else.

Poor Flexibility

Epoxy floor coatings are also less flexible than other options. This can be a problem if your patio is exposed to extreme temperatures. If the epoxy coating cracks, it can be very difficult to repair.

Not UV Resistant

As mentioned before, epoxy floor coatings are not very resistant to UV damage. If your patio is in a sunny spot, the coating will start to fade and discolor after just a few months.

Poor Temperature Control

Epoxy floor coatings are also not very good at controlling temperatures. If your patio gets too hot, the epoxy can start to warp and bubble. This can ruin the look of your patio and make it unsafe to use.

Weaker Than Polyurea and Polyaspartic Coatings

Finally, epoxy floor coatings are weaker than polyurea and polyaspartic coatings. However, these two types of coatings are much more durable and will last longer. If you want a patio coating that will stand the test of time, you should choose one of these options instead.

Want Something Better Than Epoxy?

If you’re looking for a better option than epoxy for your patio floor coating, consider polyurea or polyaspartic coatings. These coatings are more durable, longer lasting, and less likely to fade or crack. Choose one of these options for a patio coating that will give you years of use.

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