5 Reasons to Get Your Garage Floor Coating in the Winter

On October 28, 2022

Garage floors handle impact, dirt and debris, and much more. While they’re typically durable, garage floors can damage and fade over time. It’s important to care for your garage floor like you would any other surface in your home.

Installing a coating is the best way to protect your garage floor and uphold its appearance. A garage coating from Epoxy Power by BMI is durable and attractive and ensures your garage floor maintains its quality over time.

Despite misconceptions, we can install a garage floor coating during the cold season. In fact, there are several benefits to choosing winter over summer. With temperatures dropping, here are five reasons to consider getting your garage floor coating this winter.

1: Cold Temperatures Aren’t an Issue

Many homeowners worry that cold temperatures create an issue for garage coating installation. Though they might slow the curing process, winter conditions won’t affect our ability to install your beautiful new coating. At Epoxy Power by BMI, our professionals and products work well at any time of the year.

While some urethane floor coating systems require warmer temperatures for application, our polyaspartic garage coating can handle the cold. Our experts make slight alterations to the polyurea mixture to ensure low temperatures don’t affect the coating quality. With experience working in the winter and the proper tools to heat the coating materials, we can install your garage coating in negative-degree weather.

2: Winter and Summer Garage Coatings Have the Same Quality

Homeowners also worry that their garage coatings will be of less quality if we install them in the winter. They’ll be the same high-quality coatings whether we install them during winter or summer.

Epoxy Power by BMI provides the same 20-year warranty regardless of the season. In as little as one day, we’ll install a polyaspartic garage coating that has many benefits, including:

  • Impact and abrasion resistance
  • Protection from water damage, ultraviolet radiation, dents, and scratches
  • Fade and discoloration prevention
  • Longevity
  • Customizable coloring
  • Textured surface for traction and aesthetic appeal

3: Shorter Wait Time and Quicker Installation

Because of the misconceptions about installing a garage coating in cold temperatures, many homeowners elect to wait until the summer. The warmer months are our busiest times of the year, and we typically have fewer projects in the winter.

After your initial design consultation, you’ll likely have a shorter wait time when the weather is cold. Knowing we offer the same high-quality garage coating installations in the winter, take advantage of the slow season and receive a quicker installation.

4: Protection from Moisture and Salt

When you have an unprotected garage floor, it’s susceptible to damage from moisture and salt. Moisture can cause molding, drainage issues, and musky stenches. It can also weaken your garage’s structural integrity and result in a need for expensive repairs.

When moisture mixes with road salt that you’ve unintentionally brought into the garage on your shoes or car tires, it can penetrate your unprotected garage floor. When the temperature drops, the mixture will freeze and put stress on the floor. The stress can cause new cracks or worsen existing ones.

With polyaspartic top coatings from Epoxy Power by BMI, you can protect your garage from moisture and salt. While you’ll still need to regularly clean water and salt from the floor, a garage coating will make for easier maintenance. We can install your polyaspartic garage coating at the beginning of winter to ensure you keep damaging elements from causing significant issues.

5: Increased Aesthetic Appeal

Protecting your garage floor is of the utmost importance. At the same time, you want a visually pleasing garage you’ll notice every time you enter. At Epoxy Power by BMI, our garage coatings are as aesthetically appealing as they are durable and effective.

You may opt for a clear sealant if you want a simple coating look. A clear polyaspartic layer will provide a brand-new feel to your garage without changing the color scheme. However, you have many more options.

Epoxy Power by BMI offers garage coatings in various colors and textures. Each choice will bring new life to your garage and change how you view the space.

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Home improvement too often excludes the garage. With the daily stress that it takes, caring for your garage floor is vital. A straightforward garage coating from Epoxy Power by BMI is the most effective way to protect your garage floor.

Maintain the quality and appearance of your garage floor this winter. Call Epoxy Power by BMI at (818) 835-8000.

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